Monday, February 8, 2010

Current threat level: orange

this will be a short one, since one-handed typing is slow and infuriating.

Had my cast off today and the stitches off (tape stitches) and dressings changed. This was incredibly painful. There were about a dozen strips of tape holding thw two sides of my incision together that had to be pulled off. And that was AFTER the gauze and cotton that was also stuck.

To be clear: I cried like a baby.

That shit hurts! And it was the first time through this whole ordeal I told cw to "go away." It hurt that much. I felt horrible immediately, of course... sigh.

I unfortunately wasn't well enough to go straight to the brace, so back in the cast for me. He says I'll be in the brace and moving by Friday.

I hope to write a couple of posts tomorrow about the surgery and its after effects.. but for now, just rest.

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