Monday, February 1, 2010

If you love something, set it free.

After nearly 4 years working in apps and nearly 3 years on Google Reader, I have decided to transfer to YouTube.

My empty desk, as of today.

From my starter project (designing Gmail's "Update Conversation" banner) all the way through the complicated world of Friends, Sharing, Offline and everything else... It's been a wild and wonderful ride. 

I had my first Reader meeting on April 20, 2007. I'll be honest here. I wasn't hooked yet. It took about 4 weeks for the team to completely win me over. :)

I have learned more on the Reader team than I could at any job with any team, and I'm so grateful for how much I've  grown. I'm SO grateful for our many passionate (sometimes fanatical) users of Reader for providing so much feedback and helping me grow as a designer. You all can get a bit worked up sometimes, but I love ya anyway! 

I'm very sad to leave the Reader team, and this decision didn't come easy. I'm especially grateful for my wonderful team members (past & present). There has never been a group of awesome or more talented people ever assembled. 

April 2008 - BBQ

You all made my years on the Reader team my best years at Google so far. (you know who you are)

I'll still be supporting Reader (and it's users) for the near future (and let's be honest, I won't be able to let go that easily :) I'll also be at SXSW with a "Core conversation" and hosting for the Reader party (details on this in a follow up post). 

My last day as a full-time Reader team member was today. After a 6 weeks leave (to get my arm fixed), I'll start at YouTube on March 17.  

I'm excited to get started on a whole different set of challenges at YouTube, but tonight I'm just feeling grateful and lucky for the last 3 years. 


August 2007

June 2008

September 2007

cw's response to my initial offline spec. :)

cw & brad on a reverse bungee. Disney Land  (June 2008)

Our whiteboard was a constant source of amusement.

Laurence's reaction to our initial user studies for "Friends V 0.5"

I convinced everyone to go whitewater rafting. :) August 2008

An offsite, just for fun. On a boat. (October 2008)

More boat fun, Zach & I (September 2009)

Susan & I at Google holiday party (2007?)

Mihai sports our Bloggie win @sxsw (March 2009)

Readers meet Arthur Sulzberger, Jr and Martin Nisenholtz @ the NYTimes (October 2008)

Bshih's first week on the Reader team. On a boat again. :) (October 2008)

On the set of "Heroes" in Hollywood (September 2007)


Ann said...

Still sad about this, but excited for you - YouTube is very lucky!

Robert Konigsberg said...

Jenna, good luck with your surgery, and also with your new role. Your transition is a loss for Reader. Thanks for all your hard work.

Derek Snyder said...

Love the photos! Have fun at YouTube. Stop by and visit us in Mountain View from time to time.

John Zeratsky said...

Cool post. I know how hard it is to leave a great team but I'm excited to work together at YT!

BTW this photo is almost exactly how I remember the Reader team; that's about the last time I saw most of those guys :)