Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is the sound of one hand typing?

So, it's kind of remarkable the things I have realised I can do with one hand alone. I thought I would be more limited than I am.

Yesterday was the first day I attempted two-handed typing. And while it wears me out and I have to keep my bad arm propped on a pillow in a precarious way, it's totally worth it. One handed typing for a computer nerd is pretty much the worst.

Here's a (surprisingly short) list of the things I still can't do:

  • Put my hair up in ponytails or pigtails
  • zip zippers & button buttons (jeans are out for now)
  • wash dishes (woo hoo!)
  • open bottles or jars

Here are some things I can (surprisingly) do with just one hand:
  • open my medicine bottles
  • put on mascara
  • flat iron my bangs 
  • put on socks 
  • take a bath/wash my own hair

I'm sure there are some more things I'm missing, but I've been pretty proud of myself for being pretty independent lately. It's amazing how much you can do with one hand! 

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