Monday, March 8, 2010

Nearly 5 weeks post-surgery.

Week 5 update: Scar swelling is down, but it's still pretty painful. It hurts to be touched, and my physical therapist is now starting to worry about something called Reflex Sympathetic Distrophy (RSD)  which can occur after injury or surgery. I now have to massage my incision site a few times a day, in addition to what the therapist does 3x a week.

The white dot in the middle of my scar is the rogue stitch poking out. 

I've started lifting more weights at PT, and on the hand bike, which is tiring but good.

I'm fully out of the brace and still can't get the last 5 degrees of extension in my arm, but still improving, I think . Can't wait to ride my bike!


Crystal Mary said...

You don't realise the value of mobility until you are incapacitated. But you are on the mend now and soon this will only be a vague memory.
God Bless.

Gustavo Perez said...

ouch... that must hurt!!!