Monday, March 8, 2010

Short post for dog owners

Today marks two weeks with wonder pup. It's been up and down (mostly up) and she's growing like a weed. She already went up two notches and then out of her puppy collar and is into the "medium" collar group already. :'(

She went to her first puppy social hour yesterday. I know everyone is going to tease me about this being like an overbearing "new mom," but every book and article I've read about how to raise a decent, mellow dog has said that this is crucial for bite inhibition. It teaches them how hard is too hard to bite, and how to play nicely. This is, apparently, a critical step before 16 weeks of age that many people don't pay that much attention to. It also reduces dog-dog aggression later in life as well.

Here's Em at her playtime:

One last note to new dog owners and people with older dogs alike:

Go get one of these:

This is the "Kong stuff-a-ball". I feed all of Emmie's meals in this thing. It gives them something to do for a half hour or so, they are learning while they are doing it, and it teaches them to be excited about food. I just pour the kibble in the side with the large hole, put it on the ground and she works out how to get every last bit out. Seriously, this totally works. Go get one. It's only $7. 

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