Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - My life in pictures.

It's been one crazy rollercoaster of a year. I thought I might sit down and reflect on the events of the year, writing a thoughtful perspective and hopes for the upcoming year. But then I realised, everyone does that and you, dear reader, don't need another.

My hopes for next year? A little more predictability alongside some pleasant spontaneity. Always moving forward, only looking back a little.

So here it is, my roller coaster year, in pictures (I've spared you the boring bits).

New Year with Willie Nelson

Whale watching in Maui on New Years day
Ulnar nerve transposition (2/3)

Semi-Mobile post surgery with robot arm

Puppy day. 2/23

SXSW with Brizzly debut

Start work at YouTube (3/17)
Emmie Lou graduates from puppy class. :)

Thinglabs HQ 2.0 (bigger space)

Beautiful Isla Mujeres (July)
Tulum, Mexico (July)

Met Isaiah Mustafah - Old spice guy @ YouTube

Bought grown up art @ Art for AIDS auction (9/25)

AOL buys Thinglabs/Brizzly  (Sept)

Rally to restore sanity and/or fear (Oct 31)

Bought a new car. 

Went on a Disney Cruise (Nov)

Mad Men'd it up for the YouTube Holiday party (Dec) 

See you next year!! 

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