What are the different types of proxy servers you should use?


The proxy server is the part of a day computer system that acts as the linkage between the client and the remote computer. It is very beneficial to protect your computer network from the attack of the hackers and to avoid the interference of the unknown people. The proxy acts as the protection wall for your computer network and it is also termed as the firewall of the operating system. It works as when any unknown tries to do any activity the request is received by the server, and it regulates the application and analyses whether it will be secure for your system or not.

Different types of proxy

Anonymous proxy

It is an essential proxy that can be very protective of your computer system while you are browsing any of the websites over the internet. It provides you protection by hiding the IP address of your computer system. Your order is secured from the web developers and the other users that are in practice of stealing your data for the motive of the advertisement or any other purpose. The anonymous proxy helps to disable the other cookies that can slow down your computer system and stoles the privacy of your computer system. These proxies are available free at some of the websites while at other you may have to purchase the proxy.

HTTP proxy

These proxies are provided to your computer system to make you are your interface reliable and have the faster surfing of websites. They offer you essential caches that raise the speed of your computer program. There are several websites, which automatically release catches to your browser so that you can easily access their sites. However, you should regularly clear the old caches in your system, which become older and are not required to obtain.

FTP proxy

The FTP refers to file transfer protocol that is used in the operation of various websites that you are using to upload the data. This is mainly required by you when you are developing any website. It also enhances the security of your system and if you use the proxy in the advance mode of operating the system, the proxy will offer you the option of various methods for encryptions and cache function for transferring the file from one server to another. FTP also tracks the various activities of all the issues related to traffic.